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Shrawan Poudel


Keep Calm And Code Python


Working on mission to provide,
Software Engineering Trainings easily and freely accessible to everyone through EdTech

and I love to code in Python (TBH, any language but PY is my Fav)

But, i am experimenting with rust since 2018 and i am loving it rust-lang.org


Coding Instructor

(Lead Instructor)

I have been associated with many training institutions but currently i am with
Insight Workshop Academy to;
"Train engineers to build great softwares"
(12 weeks Training with great real world projects)

You can look more about the training Program at; Insight Workshop Academy Program. If you want to join, Feel free to Apply for the next batch of training

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Principal Software Engineer
(Insight Workshop)

Responsible for setting, monitoring engineering standards and Architect softwares.
And directly lead some large scale EdTech Products

Python, Vue.Js, Django, AWS, Docker, Ansible